Kelsey’s Art of Recovery

Kelsey’s Art of Recovery is run by Kelsey Farver, a recovering heroin addict who is using her art to share her story of how opiates almost destroyed her life and how she’s used art, among other things, to bring her back from the brink of destruction. Kelsey’s Art of Recovery will be offering paintings, both based on her addiction, as well as bright and colorful abstract pieces for sale at affordable rates. She plans to sell handmade jewelry, photography and even offer abstract home murals as well. On top of the art, Kelsey hopes to be able to speak at public functions about her story of recovery and help to encourage others to learn more about the opioid crisis. Kelsey’s Art of Recovery strives to show that recovery can truly be an artform.

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You can check out ABC 57’s story on Kelsey by clicking HERE! Thank you all for your support! We can make a difference! This is only the beginning.

All paintings for sale on this site are painted, designed and curated by artist Kelsey Farver d/b/a Kelsey’s Art of Recovery. No images, designs or any other intellectual property may be reproduced, copied, or otherwise used in any form without the express written consent of the artist. All rights reserved.